Join us in co-creating a new dance culture focused on safety, inclusivity, & permission. One that invites the Fusion, Contact Improv, Ecstatic Dance, all other dance/movement forms and Sex/Kink-Positive communities to blend & play together on one dance floor.
Our intention is to create a community culture that focuses on inclusivity and caters to the accessibility & safety of Queer, BIPOC, and differently abled communities.
We’ve secured a gorgeous 5,000 square foot dance floor for every 1st Friday of the month. Our vision is to grow this into a weekly community place to gather, dance, play and explore together. We invite you to come and help us bring this vision to life!
Mark your calendar for 1st Fridays of the month, announcements of Classes/Facilitators and DJ’s coming soon!
Join us for an evening of playful expression, in-depth explorations, and community-building as you indulge in your discovery process and uncover new pathways on the dance floor together.

Contact-Fusion: Exploring Self, Other, & the Collective

We’ll build a foundation together, learning how to stay connected to the self, other, and the collective, as it’s easy to lose ourselves in being able to hold each of these connections at the same time.  We will also delve into some of the fundamentals of Contact Improv and Fusion, with a focus on attunement and slowing down.

Then we’ll traverse the intersection of Contact Improv and Fusion dance, which can actually feel fluid and not clunky like some folx experience when trying to merge the two.  So even if you’re new to either form of dance, you’ll be able to explore where these two different forms of dance meet.

We will also discover the possibilities of what a 4-person partner dance can feel like through the structure and form of Fusion, as well as the fluidity of Contact Improv.

This workshop is intended to set the tone and container for the rest of the event, starting to build connections with others and learning some fundamentals for those new to any of these dance forms.

Be (pronoun Be) is passionate about the intersection of embodied movement/dance, sensuality/sexuality and kink/BDSM. Be loves creating safe(r) spaces for play, exploration, growth and healing as a means of becoming more fully who we are.

Be has been creating these spaces for the last 15 years in the Bay Area through classes and events, always pushing the envelope of what’s possible to explore. From a range of 2nd base events, Womxn in Charge, Bi/Pan Playful, Dripping Womxn and classes/playshops such as Intro to Kink, G-spot ejaculation, Rope Dance, One Rope Play, Contactsage, Acrosage and Aquaprov.

Be brings 20 years of experience as a bodyworker that shows up through an embodied calming/nurturing presence. Along with 8 years of Somatica training for a deeper understanding of sex, intimacy and relationships.

www.Kink.Coach and www.RopePlay.Dance

Maya Light is deeply enamored with the realm of creative expression, supporting others to access and explore the full range of this human experience. As an international DJ, she has adeptly honed the craft of weaving soundscapes for over 8 years, captivated by the tangible conversation she experienced on the dance floor.

She then delved into the art of curating intimate spaces, wholeheartedly embracing the transformative power of group fields as catalysts for unraveling and growth.

She also studied embodied anatomy at the School of Body Mind Centering, where she delved into a yin form of body work emphasizing safety and deep co-regulation, enriching her understanding of the interconnectedness of mind and body. Creating spaces to unlock and seamlessly integrate new pathways is her biggest passion.

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